How NBC 10 Is Like Fifth Grade

During the recent floods, NBC 10 reporter Vince DeMentri stood waist-deep in water while doing a report. This angered Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz, who informed DeMentri that you shouldn’t be in water any higher than your ankles, ‘cuz you could drown or something.

Here’s what happened next, courtesy of the Inquirer’s Michael Klein:

NBC10’s Vince DeMentri landed in hot water over deep water.

During flooding last Thursday, NBC10 warned its newsies to stay out of the water during their stand-ups, lest they tempt danger and send a wrong message to viewers.

DeMentri, though, did his hit in Trenton from a waist-deep flood, prompting an on-air scolding from weatherguy Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz.

Talk around the station says DeMentri returned to 10 Monument Rd., entered the weather studio, and began bellowing at the much-smaller Schwartz. Doug Kammerer, a strapping fellow, supposedly inserted himself between the two; not so much as Schwartz’s bow tie was ruffled. Management, never happy about office confrontations, called in DeMentri.

We know Doug Kammerer did the right thing there, but, oh, come on. That would have been an awesome fight.

Update: We almost forgot. The best part of the whole report was when they threw it back to Tim Lake (eventually), and he said something like “Glenn — I mean Hurricane — I’m over where Vince was and can see they he has gotten to higher ground and he’s safe.”

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